The MeadowLea story starts in 1939, almost 70 years after margarine was first invented (at the request of Napoleon III). Today, MeadowLea is an Australian favourite, providing a range of spreads the whole family will love. Our spreads continue to be made with the goodness of Australian canola oil, grown in the fields that first inspired our name.

From our earliest beginnings, the values of family health and nurturing have been central to MeadowLea’s philosophy. It was in 1975 that MeadowLea first brought these values to life with our famous jingle, “you ought to be congratulated”.

Every tub of MeadowLea contains at least 65% less saturated fat than butter, no artificial colours or flavours, and a source of Omega 3. So no matter who you’re trying to please – the fussy eater, the fitness fanatic, or the difficult teenager – we have a spread for everyone in the family!


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