About Buy Australian

About Buy Australian


Buy Australian magazine was created over 17 years ago to provide business’ that make products in Australia with a voice that will reach Australian consumers.

The mission is to make the magazine available FREE for consumers and provide low cost advertising option for product producers and business’.

Buy Australian magazine has been, and is still is a leading voice for the promotion of products made in Australia, having said that its important to mention we are not anti imports, or anti anything, we simply exist to provide a voice for those who wish to support products made in Australia when possible.

We do endeavor to ensure our advertisers and contributors are aware of our guidelines but ultimatley we do rely on our advertisers to provide product content that fits our guidelines. (Guidelines Below)

The Leading Voice In The Promotion Of Australian Brands

Buy Australian magazine has been a leading voice for the Promotion of Australian made products for over 17 years.

In 2016 Buy Australian magazine embraced the digital era which will provide our readers with a bigger magazine, a wider variety of products and full functionality of a digital magazine that will Provide readers with an enhanced reader experience. (Video, click throughs, break out boxes, expanded content.)

  • six issue a year
  • products, recipes, entertaining ideas, gardening, pets, health & beauty.
  • growing on line and social media following
  • speak directly to grocery decision makers

Buy Australian Magazine Exists To Support Australian Brands

Most of Australia’s leading brands use and trust Buy Australian magazine for the promotion of their brands. Buy Australian magazine gets directly into the hands of the households grocery/buyer decision makers through digital market, social media promotions, subscribers and promotion through our cooperative partners (supermarket’s & aligned organisations.)

You can support Buy Australian emagazine by subscribing- its free- follow and Like our Facebook page, support the brands showcased in each issue, jump online www.buyausmag.com.au to keep in touch, our website has a huge archive of recipe’s and products.

Buy Australian Made Guidelines

The goal for Buy Australian magazine is to provide opportunities for products made in Australia, and using mostly Australian sourced materials/ingredients.  The production of these products provides employment for Australian workers and supports our local manufacturers/growers/industries.

We do showcase products that may be owned by foreign companies, many of these may have an Australian base of operations and  as long as the showcased product is made here in Australia we are happy to support it.

Most of all we hope you enjoy the emagazine, we have plenty of contributors who pen their words of wisdom for free to assist us keep this important voice alive and strong.

Happy reading.