Springhill Farm making traditional Aussie slices

Springhill Farm making traditional Aussie slices Watch the video interview with Fiona here  Springhill Farm video Springhill Farm is recreating a new brand of nine delicious Australian slices at its factory in regional Victoria. The slices are uniquely Australian and include the top selling Lemon Slice and (GF) Rocky Road (The Dark Chocolate slice looks […]

The Organic Tshirt

  The Organic Tshirt The organic Tshirt was founded by my husband and I – Stefania – following our passion for good quality and sustainable fashion. We imagined a range of our favourite clothing, the things that we like to wear every day, all year round, so we decided to stop looking and start creating […]

Earth Choice

Environmentally friendly products that don’t cost the earth.


The Ideal home baking and cooking ingredient

Rocky Point

Charge your green thumbs with Rocky Point Mulching premium garden products. Rocky Point are Buy Australian’s gardening experts supplying the Garden editorial content you find in each issue.

J.C.’s Quality Foods

“Every time you buy a J.C.’s quality product, you can be sure you have made a great choice. We select the best produce we can find, so you can enjoy all our range. We specialize in nuts, dried fruit and fruit and nut mixes. Our products are “Quality Assured”. We are proud to be 100% […]

Vili’s pies – Taste the Difference

The Vili’s Range of savouries are manufactured using only the best of ingredients. The pies are made using only 100% prime quality Australian beef and Chicken. NO SOY Vili’s Cakes is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality bakery lines and FRESH convenience products. Vili’s paramount focus is to provide our customers with a consummate […]


One of Australia’s original gluten free manufacturers, ORGRAN, is celebrating their 30th year of making healthy, nutritious foods. Over the past 30 years they have grown to become the biggest manufacturer of gluten free foods in Australia. From humble beginnings, two brothers began a small scale food preparation and retailing operation in Melbourne. Their primary interest […]

Bliss Beanbags

Beanbags are simply an iconic Australian product. Bean bags are practicle and portable and anyone can enjoy the extreme comfort a bean bag can provide. Bliss Beanbags believe the beanbag does not need to be the daggy item in the corner, bean bags can be a fantastic piece of furniture that is styling and fashionable. With […]

Coon Cheese

COON Cheese is made in Australia. The brand name recognises the work of an American, Edward William Coon, who patented a unique ripening process that was used to manufacture the original COON cheese. The manufacturing of COON Cheese in Australia commenced in November 1935 and continued through to December 1942, when production ceased because of […]

Olive Grove

Olive Grove is a premium brand product made with the natural goodness of olive oil for consumers who enjoy good food and quality ingredients. It reached supermarket shelves as the first spread in Australia made with olive oil. The Olive Grove range includes a variety of spreads that cater for different tastes (Classic Mild Tasting […]

Staminade – Go Harder

Perform Better and go harder Drink Staminade powder before exercise for more energy and a longer, more effective performance. Staminade powder contains two sugars – 4.4 per cent sucrose and 1.6 per cent glucose (when mixed according to directions). These complement each other, glucose giving instant energy and sucrose breaking down more slowly to give […]