Bliss Beanbags

Beanbags are simply an iconic Australian product. Bean bags are practicle and portable and anyone can enjoy the extreme comfort a bean bag can provide.

Bliss Beanbags believe the beanbag does not need to be the daggy item in the corner, bean bags can be a fantastic piece of furniture that is styling and fashionable.

With our common love of design, determination to ‘build a better bean bag’, and belief in the unparalleled quality of making objects by hand, our small team set to the task. Our master craftsman Joe, who has 30 years’ experience in every aspect of custom furniture design and manufacture ensures that every piece is made to last. Really last. That is why we back up our ‘talk’ with a lifetime warranty.

Design your own bean bag using our online Bean bag creator several different styles in no less than 120 colour combinations. All handmade with pride right here in Australia.

The bean bags can be used indoors or outdoors. The fabric is even salt and freshwater waterproof, and UV protected so the colours will not fade.

Our bean bags also come with a safety zipper to ensure there are no spills, and the specialty fabric is fire retardant, mould proof and has hygienic, antibacterial properties.

We think that just about ticks all the boxes for the better, redefined bean bag. Don’t you?

Jump online at and take a look at our range and personalising options.

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