One of Australia’s original gluten free manufacturers, ORGRAN, is celebrating their 30th year of making healthy, nutritious foods. Over the past 30 years they have grown to become the biggest manufacturer of gluten free foods in Australia. From humble beginnings, two brothers began a small scale food preparation and retailing operation in Melbourne. Their primary interest was focused on human health and the degenerative effects some of the generic foods we consume have on our health. Long before they became commonplace in our café’s and pantries, ORGRAN were using superfoods such as quinoa, buckwheat and millet to make their own alternative grains pastas to help people improve their health
and nutrition.

As the company grew, the brothers continued to work towards their ambition of developing and producing healthier foods offering alternative grain nutrition. As their knowledge grew about the unique beneficial properties of the various gluten free grains and legumes, so did the product range they offered.

The brother’s quest for nutritional integrity ensured that only natural ingredients were used. To accomplish this mission they pioneered a dedicated gluten free manufacturing facility that maintained total control of cross contamination risks. Tight control of ingredients, storage and manufacturing meant they could ensure they meet the strict Australian guidelines of “No detectable Gluten” in their products. Orgran aim to source all of their ingredients, materials and services locally wherever possible. This is not only to support Australian businesses but also is an assurance of quality and traceability. It is this dedication to quality control that has meant that from small beginnings, the brothers have built Australia’s largest range of gluten free products, and their once small company has become Australia’s largest manufacturer of gluten free pasta, breakfast cereals, crispbreads, baking products, cake mixes, biscuits and snacks.

In many other countries around the world there is less stringent quality assurance in food manufacturing. So it is no surprise that ORGRAN is now exported to, and trusted by, customers in over 55 counties around the world.

ORGRAN is still a 100% Australian, family owned business, is still manufactured here in Australia and continues to be the leader in  this field. With over 80 products that are all gluten free, wheat free,  egg free, dairy free, yeast free, GMO free and vegan, ORGRAN has  the largest range of gluten free products on the market to cater for every meal of the day. It is the total solution for retailers who know  they can cater for all their customers’ needs with a brand they  know they can trust.

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