Thomas Farms

thomas farms55The Thomas Farms retail brand was established in 2008, by Thomas Foods International.

Today, Thomas Foods is Australia’s largest family-owned and operated food-processing company, distributing throughout Australia and exporting to over 80 countries around the world. From day one, the sole aim of Thomas Farms has been to provide consumers with the finest natural produce that Australia has to offer. Thanks to our country’s abundance of lush, green land and world’s best practices, Australian farms are amongst the best on the planet. From these, Thomas Farms handpicks only the very best.

When you include the exacting standards of food safety that underpin everything we do, Thomas Farms is your guarantee that you are purchasing a product which is fresh, full of flavour and expertly packaged for a superior eating experience every time.

At Thomas Farms, we firmly believe that only produce sourced and grown by natural means can be AUSTRALIA’S BEST.

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