Sandwich thins from Tip Top

Iconic food brand Tip Top® launches a new Sandwich Thins range which will provide Australians with a light and versatile lunchtime option. 
With only 99 calories per serve Tip Top® Sandwich Thins are a lighter way to enjoy the pleasure and softness of bread. They are deliciously soft and tasty and are pre-sliced to make six sandwiches. Tip Top® Sandwich Thins brings something new and different to lunch and adds variety to the everyday lunch occasion. It brings excitement to the bread aisle with a unique offering, the first of its kind in the Australian market.
Baked in Australia, Sandwich Thins are suitable for topping, filling and toasting for a quick and delicious lunch. They are the deliciously different lunch time solution the whole family will love. They are available in three delicious varieties: Original, Wholemeal and Lightly Seeded. They also have a strong health star rating with Wholemeal rating 4.5 Health Stars and Original and Lightly Seeded being 4 Health Stars.

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