Nerada Tea is the largest supplier of Australian grown tea and can trace is roots back to a farm hacked by hand from the North Queensland bush in 1882. Today there are more than 1,000 acres of tea planted
on the Cairns Highlands delivering 6 million kilos of fresh tea leaves to the Nerada Tea processing factory every year. It is a long way from the Cutten family that pioneered tea in the Cairns region from 1882
and Dr Maruff who started the modern Nerada Tea industry in the 1950s from these humble beginnings.

Dr Allan Maruff and his family migrated from India to Australia in the early 1950s and committed to the concept of developing a tea industry in the area. His original plantation was started with seedlings from the Cutten brothers’ farm that he planted in 1958 on 20 acres of land in the Nerada Valley.

By 1968 There were 80 acres of thriving tea plants and in 1969 a consortium of local businessmen formed Tea Estates of Australia. (TEA) and commenced tea planting on a 200 acre property neighbouring the Nerada plantation. Due t o labour costs Dr Maruff pioneered mechanical tea harvesting and built the first tea-processing factory in Australia, creating the foundation of the modern Nerada Tea Estates.

By 1973 NTE was is financial trouble and TEA bought NTE’s assets and created the Nerada brand to market in grocery stores. Nerada tea is now available across Australia and the product range has expanded from black tea to include specially selected imported herbal infusions, green teas, flavoured teas and an innovative range of instant tea mixes.

This can all be traced back to the pioneering efforts of the Cullens and Dr Maruff over a 130 year period.


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