Grannys Chicken Pepper Pie recipe

1 brown onion
1tbs minced garlic
200g mushrooms
2 potatoes peeled and
cut into cubes
1.5 cups chicken stock
500g chicken thigh fillet
cut into cubes
1 x sachet of Gourmet
Granny’s Pepper Sauce
100ml cream
1 sheet store-bought
puff pastry
1 sheet store-bought
shortcrust pastry (optional)
1 egg (optional for egg wash)


1. Brown the chicken in a frypan, then set aside
2. Put olive oil, garlic and onion in a frypan and saute
3. Add cubed potato and mushrooms and stir for a few minutes
4. Add 1 cup chicken stock, cover and let boil until potato is cooked,
then add the chicken to the pan
5. In a small bowl, mix 1 packet of Gourmet Granny’s Pepper Sauce
with 100ml of cream.
6. Take the pie mixture off the heat and add the pepper sauce mixture
and stir through
7. Put back on heat, add remaining chicken stock and simmer for 5-10
minutes until mixture thickens.
8. If using short crust pastry as a base, prepare and bake as per
directions in pie dish.
9. Spoon mixture into pie dish, and place 1 sheet of puff pastry over
the top sealing the edges closed (optional. Whisk 1 egg and brush

over top of pastry)
10. Cook pie in a hot oven until pastry
is puffed and golden brown
11. Enjoy

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