What ‘s happening on Australian Day

On Australia Day we celebrate all the things we love about Australia: land, sense of fair go, lifestyle, democracy, the freedoms we enjoy but particularly our people.

In addition, over 16,000 new Australians become citizens on Australia Day and are presented with their native Australian plant to symbolise the start of a new life.

Australia Day is about acknowledging and celebrating the contribution that every Australian makes to our contemporary and dynamic nation.

The marking of 26 January is an important date in Australia’s history and has changed over time: starting as a celebration for emancipated convicts and evolving into what is now a celebration of Australia that reflects the nation’s diverse people.

It is more inclusive than many would have you believe with 3 in 4 Australians believing it has a bigger meaning beyond being just a day off.

More than half of all Australians participate in Australia Day attending events organised by State Governments, local councils, community groups or getting together with family and friends.

Families and those born overseas are most likely to participate in the day

13 million (over half the country) participate in specific Australia Day celebrations each year

75% of Australians believe the day should be a time to recognise and celebrate the country’s cultural diversity

54% give thought to how lucky we are to live in Australia

46% celebrate the freedom we have living in Australia.

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