Vast majority of Australians now say they’ll be vaccinated

Now four-fifths of Australians (80%) say they will be vaccinated when the Coronavirus vaccine becomes available. As time goes by the percentage of Australia’s saying they will take the jab is increasing.
Mid Feb saw the PM and key Ministers get the first vaccine jabs, the first members of the public were our health providers and staff managing quarantine facilities. The roll out for the general public will be done in stages, the speed of which will be determined by the amount of Vaccines available.
You can check out more about the Vaccine roll out here-

Roy Morgan stats for most likely to be vaccinated.
People in NSW (86%) are the most likely to say they would be willing to be vaccinated when a Coronavirus vaccine becomes available ahead of 82% of Victorians (83% in Melbourne cf. 80% in Country Victoria) but support is also high in Western Australia (76%), South Australia (76%), Tasmania (75%) and Queensland (71%).

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