The revolution in pet food is coming! TBH pets non-meat dog treats

Watch the interview with Blair Triplett here –

The world can no longer sustain 20% of its meat being fed to animals as pet food while millions starve around the world.

That is a key message from innovative pet food manufacturer TBH (To Be Honest)

TBH creates “meat free” pet food for dogs – a vegan diet is supported by the head of the British veterinary association.

Some of the TBH products are vegan and others vegetarian.

“What TBH is on about is ensuring the proteins derived from meat are replaced by plant based or insect based forms of protein….thereby negating the need to feed a dog meat”.

The company is at the cutting edge of sustainable, wholesome, delicious pet food that is good for the planet as well as dogs.

Despite protests from pet owners that dogs are carnivores this is not true – dogs are omnivores and don’t need meat.

TBH’s carefully researched and human quality manufactured dog treats are made from cricket meal to produce eco-friendly munchies for your pooch.

(See Blair eat one of the TBH treats in the video)

The food is even created via recipes from popular master chef Glenn Austin and tested on Blair’s border collie Maestro.

Protein that is supplied by environmentally sustainable cricket farms.

“We are holistic New Pet, plant based(hemp) and alternative insects, for a brighter future.

“Traditional meat-based Old Pet companies won’t last. It doesn’t make sense. They don’t address the issues around land degradation (to produce meat), the environment, it goes on and on,” co-founder Blair Triplett said.

“Our mission is to bring human quality food, great taste and nutrition by way of alternative plant material and insects”.

So far interest in Australia has been very strong and international attention is coming from India and USA.

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