Put some award winning Aussie Pork out this Christmas

The country’s major supermarket chains – Coles, Woolies, Aldi, IGA, Costco – have battled it out in what is arguably the most competitive awards of the year.

For the first time, Australian Pork decided to host the “Best supermarket Christmas ham” of the year awards after major retailers responded to consumer demand to stock more Aussie-made hams — and we know who came out on top.

Best Xmas ham at each retailer
Best at Each Retailer ($ price per kg)

1st Coles Beechwood Smoked Half Leg Ham ($9.00)
2nd Coles Triple Smoked Free Range ($14.00)
3rd Bertocchi Festival Ham ($10.00)

1st Bertocchi Semi Boneless Shoulder Ham ($8.00)
2nd D’Orsogna Jarrah Honey Leg Ham ($20.00)
3rd Woolworths Bone-in Half Leg Ham ($9.00)

1st Specially Selected Triple Smoked Ham Half Leg ($11.99)
2nd Berg Deli Australian Half Leg Ham ($8.99)

1st Naturally Smoked Leg Ham ($9)

1st Central Highlands Pork Ham on the Bone ($7.99)

Out of all the five major chains, it is German retailer Aldi that took out the most reputable title of “Overall Favourite” for its Triple Smoked Ham Half Leg.

However, the ham to take out the “Best Overall Value” award went to Costco’s $7.99 Central Highlands Pork Ham on the Bone.

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