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Marathon Large Dim Sums 550g (5 pieces)       110grams and full of flavour, our Large Dim Sums come in two varieties, Beef & Pork and Chicken. Both are made with100% Aussie Meat and farm fresh local cabbage, together with carefully selected spices.

Marathon Gourmet Rolls Harvest Vegetable 500g (5 pieces)         Made with a traditional medley of vegetables and encased in a crispy pastry, our Harvest Vegetable Rolls are a delicious Vegan friendly treat. With ½ serve of wholesome veggies in every Roll, they are a nutritious mealtime inspiration, perfect served with a fresh salad of your choice.

Marathon Minion Dim Sims – Chicken & Vegetable 500g (10 pieces)         Created with the ‘kid at heart’ in mind, made with all natural ingredients including 100% wholesome Aussie Chicken, farm fresh local veggies and just the right blend of spice to gently enhance the flavour, earning them a 4 Health Star Rating.


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