It’s time to stop China. Enough is enough!

Buy Australian Magazine is calling on the Federal Government to take decisive action against China – the global bully.
The Chinese government has now threatened to impose bans on up to $6 billion of key with the latest threats sent to the country’s food and wine distributors.
This is in addition to copper and sugar to a growing list of commodities including wine, coal, timber, cotton, lobster, timber and barley.
About 21 tonnes of live lobster worth $2 million have been lost at Shanghai airport after Chinese customs officials changed inspection procedures.
There are also unconfirmed reports on Tuesday that China would target Australian wheat.
To top it off China has warned its students and tourists to avoid Australia.
Let’s finish the job we started.
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg started the push back when he quietly vetoed China Mengniu Dairy Co’s agreed $600 million acquisition of Lion Dairy & Drinks in one of first actions in response to China’s bullying.
We were also the first to ban Huawei that has since been followed by the US and UK.
Plus, the world is lining up to stop China from throwing its weight around – led by the USA – and even Germany is sending a warship to patrol the South China Sea to protect the global shipping lanes that China wants to control!
In addition China’s aggressive trade policies are ripping off the world by stealing Intellectual Property from Australia and mounting massive cyber attacks on our institutions.
They are even said to be trying to steal out COVID-19 vaccine research as well as navy shipping secrets (among many others).
The Chinese make up rubbish excuses such as anti-dumping probes.
Media is reporting rumours China’s Commerce Ministry had verbally told food and wine importers at meetings in three cities on Friday not to initiate further orders for the six Australian commodities ahead of a possible ban.
To top it off their diplomats won’t even take our calls.
Enough is enough!

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