How Aussie is it? New Strayan phone app available


A new phone app designed to make it easier for supermarket shoppers to support Australian producers has been launched.

Detailed manufacturing information for almost a quarter of a million products available at Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA can be accessed at the click of a button on the Strayan app.

Curious consumers just need to scan the barcode of a product and wait for the app to give it a score between one and 100 based on how Australian it is.

The app will give a score between one and 100 based on how Australian a product is.

There are two versions of the app available for download, one is free and allows consumers access to the app’s basic functions, including the “Speedy Scanner”.

The “MAX!” subscription costs $12 a year and gives shoppers the ability to customise scores according to their personal preferences, and adjust the importance of Australia owned, Australian ingredients, and Australian made.

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