Fair go China! Now they’re banning our coal!

China spies on us, steals our secrets by hacking out unis and business and yet they have the temerity to get upset when we ask for an inquiry into COVOD-19 – that started inside their borders!

While Australia continues to push for a global review of how COCID-19 started (it might help stop another future pandemic) they have started to ban imports of our coal!!!

It has been reported by two industry newswire services that China’s customs authorities had told several state-owned steelmakers and power plants to stop importing Australian thermal and coking coal.

There has not yet been any official confirmation of the move – first reported by S&P Global Platts and Argus Media – but Australia’s trade minister, Simon Birmingham, said the government had made approaches to China “through diplomatic channels overnight”.

Good lick with that!! Rather than talk to us about all these problems they have refused to talk to our minister and trade diplomats.

Some people are saying China’s trade tariffs could be ‘just stage one’ of broader response to Australian diplomatic tensions

Meanwhile, the Australian government is seeking assurances from China over the impact of reported curbs of coal imports, while calling on Beijing to end the freeze on ministerial talks as concerns grow about widening trade tensions.

At the same time Chinese investment in Australia plummets 47% in a year

China has taken a range of actions against Australian exporters this year, including imposing prohibitive tariffs on barley, suspending imports from five red meat processing plants and launching two trade investigations into wine.

And yesterday they introduced a ban on our seafood exports!!!

And to top it off they are upset we ban Huawei from our 5G network due to massive security concerns – the same as the USA and UK.

By extending its trade actions to coal and iron ore, China could intensify economic pressure on Australia, which has insisted it will not be deterred from standing up for its values.

Government figures show Australia exported $7.3bn of coal to China in the first six months of this year – up 8% compared with the same period last year. The value of Australian exports of iron ore and concentrates to China rose 16% to $43bn.

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He said Australia had also contacted the Chinese embassy in Canberra and stressed its desire to engage in dialogue after Madame Fu Ying, China’s former ambassador to Australia and an influential figure in Beijing, made conciliatory comments last week.

Fu told the Australian Financial Review both countries needed to “show their sincerity and courage to get out of the current dilemma” and increase contact and mutual understanding “instead of resorting to confrontation and abusing language based on assumptions and hypothesis”.

The Australian government infuriated China with its early and vocal calls for a global independent investigation into the origin and early handling of the coronavirus – a step Beijing took as being aimed against it.

Guardian Australia approached the Chinese embassy on Monday seeking confirmation of the reported moves against Australian coal but is yet to receive a response.Australia is demanding answers from Beijing after reports Chinese customs authorities have been telling companies to stop importing Australian coal.

Trade tensions between the two nations flared again in recent months after China launched an investigation into Australia wine imports.

But coal appears to be the latest on Beijing’s hit list with industry media reporting that officials issued verbal warnings to companies to halt buying thermal coal from Australia.

It’s time we called ENOUGH. Let’s keep standing up to these bullies who are impoverishing South Pacific nations with aid that turns into massive “loans”.

Plus they are trying to take over the entire South China sea!!!

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