Choice calls out “SHRINKIFICATION”

What is shrinkflation?

Shrinkflation is when a manufacturer reduces the size of an item it produces, but doesn’t extend this to the price, meaning consumers end up paying the same amount – or in some cases, even more – for less product.

CHOICE supporters have been tipping us off about shrinkflation consistently over the past two years, calling out times they’ve seen their favourite products getting scrimped on.

“We’ve heard from countless shoppers who are feeling frustrated by the prevalence of shrinkflation in supermarkets,” says CHOICE senior campaigns and policy adviser Bea Sherwood.

“People turn up to the shops to find the products they often buy have been reduced in size, and in some cases the price has increased.”

This erosion in value for money comes as many Australians continue to grapple with the cost of living.

In our January Consumer Pulse survey of households, two-thirds told us they were either finding it difficult or only getting by on their current income.

Easter favourites, breakfast cereals, chips and cleaning products are among the latest grocery goods to be hit by shrinkflation.

Businesses have admitted to reducing the size of these items, and in some cases hiking retail prices, blaming rising costs and attempts to simplify production.


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