Chilli Linguine

chili linguiniHOT! HOT! HOT! Chilli flavoured fine linguine cooked with salty sea mussels and Yarra Valley Pasta’s Tomato & Basil Sauce is so simple, quick and the best meal to sit down to with companions or by yourself with a cool cleansing ale and the paper…


1 x Yarra Valley Pasta Chilli Linguine 400g

1 x 500gm jar Yarra Valley Pasta Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

500 – 700gms mussels (ensure all mussels are thoroughly cleaned, discarding any that are slightly


1 cup dry white wine

1/2 cup fish stock

2 cloves garlic

1 cup flat leaf parsley

2 fresh birds’ eye chillies

Quarter cup good quality olive oil


To Cook

Place fresh pasta into a generous pot of simmering salted water for up to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, in a large, shallow frypan, heat pan HOT with olive oil, chopped garlic and chilli’s then throw in mussels turning quickly to get heat into shells and the delicate meat inside cooking. Add white wine, stock and Tomato & Basil pasta sauce and let liquid begin to boil then steam through mussels. Drain cooked pasta and add in with the cooked mussels.

Serve in a bowl with crusty bread and a refreshing chilled beerrewery.

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