Change spelling to AAAustralia for marketing campaigns

Leading advertising industry expert Russel Howcroft, wants to rebrand us as “AAAustralia” to improve our economic prosperity after a woeful year.

“We need to do a better job of branding who we are as a country that’s good for us internationally and internally. The benchmark is 100 per cent Pure New Zealand; industries within New Zealand all use this brilliantly. I think we need to change the spelling of Australia to AAAustralia.”

“Our COVID response reaffirms to the world what an extraordinary place Australia is,” My Howcroft said.

“The world has a view of us that is at a much higher level than we view ourselves. We can claim ‘Triple A’ and the world will nod.

“Our supermarkets during the course of this year have been brilliant. They were basically dealing with a Christmas situation every day of the week. Australia Post had their highly paid executives working on weekends doing deliveries.”

While the rebranding would ¬assume a blanket approach to all things Australian — from our -beaches, education systems, healthcare to the hospitality of our people — Mr Howcroft said it would also reflect the high quality standards adhered to by our producers, makers and manufacturers.

“What this year has taught us is there really is an overriding desire by all of us to support Australian owned businesses, from high-end technology producers to pear growers,” he said.

“And we should unashamedly ¬pursue a national economic agenda. I think the leadership and the narrative is really important, yes it’s political leadership but also corporate leadership.

“Leadership in all its forms plays a big role. We all have the opportunity to do that. If you’re in charge of the school tuckshop, then look to stock it with Australian made goods. And on an individual level, start questioning your purchases and looking where it’s coming from.”

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