Avocado prices smashed!

A recent drop in avocado prices may help you save money and enjoy your breakfast a little more.

Peak industry body Avocados Australia’s online retail pricing report has listed the price of an avocado at about $1 each in major supermarket chains across the country.

The problem comes from an oversupply from a booming season that has seen a 65% jump in production and reduced levels of demand due to the COVID lockdowns.

The pandemic had led to cafes and restaurants within the major cities periodically going into lockdown with many people were choosing to eat at home

Smart growers are now exporting record numbers to provide a little Australian sunshine on the plates of the world.

Read more here https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-06-15/huge-avocado-supply-means-better-prices-for-consumers/100208446

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