Australia Day history

We currently celebrate Australia Day on
January 26 each year, but that has not always
been the case. In the early days, each state
celebrated their own foundation day which
happened on different days.
It was not until 1935 that the states decided
to unite the countries celebrations on the
26th of January, chosen as our National
Australia Day, as that is the day Captain
Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet first set foot
on our turf.
A national holiday to celebrate Australia Day
was introduced in 1946, not actually on the
26th of January but the closest Monday to
that date. In 1994 the 26th of January was
made the official date of the public holiday.
The first ever official term “Australia Day”
was coined in 1915, the date was July 30 and
was to raise funds for the WWI War effort.
The next year, 1916 the date was changed
again to July 28.

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