Aussie Berries are in Season now.

Nothing fresher and healthier than fresh Aussie Berries, check out some great recipes here

Summer is a great time to enjoy Aussie grown berries, fresh, succulent, vibrant
and nutritious. Aussie berries are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals,
flavonoids and antioxidants.
We are all aware of the benefits of vitamins and mineral’s, but the
antioxidants and flavonoids propel berries into the superfood category.
Antioxidant’s help the body fight free radicals, and free radicals are today’s
enemy linked from everything from bad skin to cancer.
Flavonoids can help reduce general inflammation in the body.
Berries are also a great source of fibre and are low in sodium
which is great for those with high blood pressure
and have no cholesterol.


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