Aussie back low carb diets

Low Carb diets are possibly some of the most
heavily researched and evidence-based diets
available, and with just over half of Australians
living with illness which burdens their ability
to live a healthy life, this includes Type 2
Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.(1) We
believe this is one of the many reasons why so
many Aussies are jumping on board the Low
Carb Movement.(2)
So, what is low carb eating? Low carb eating
means restricting the amount of carbohydrates
consumed overall throughout your day.(3) A low
carb diet is typically defined as less than 130g
of carbohydrates per day, whereas a ketogenic
diet is under 20g of carbohydrates per day. The
CSIRO science of low carb, define it as 50 – 70g

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