A simple way for dairy farmers to get a Fair Go!

After years of being forced off dairy farms because of low milk prices Queensland dairy farmers are fighting back.
A licensing scheme designed to help consumers identify brands that are paying farmers a sustainable and fair farmgate price has been given the green light by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
The Fair Go Dairy licensing scheme will apply to products that contain at least 80 per cent unprocessed milk that was produced by Queensland dairy cows and bought from a Queensland dairy farmer for a fair price.
In 2021/22 QDO has calculated a minimum price of 73.8 cents per litre processors have to pay farmers in order to participate in the scheme.
Research conducted by the QDO over the past three years has indicated that consumers were looking for ways to support the Queensland dairy industry.
The ACCC’s authorisation is granted until 2026.
Let’s launch this brilliant initiative nationally so all dairy farmers get a chance to brand their milk!
And let’s spread it beyond milk – consumers need to know what we are buying and who is being treated fairly!

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